Monday, April 5, 2010


Just finished reading one of my favorite blogs as I mowed down on some gluten free rice crispies for dinner. She's from Oz (surprise, surprise) and one of her posts was about being down and out. I was taken in by her honesty. I've thought a lot about it and in my travels realized this unfortunate fact. Americans have a tendency of wanting to be perceived as happy... at all times, which for most of us is unrealistic.

Think about it. When someone asks you, "How are you," without thinking we respond, " great" or "good," yet the reality of always being great or good is not always true. Why would you bother to tell someone your troubles? Well guess what? More likely than not they may be feeling the same way.

Open up, it can't hurt. More likely than not, they've been there and someone may be able to give you that little umph! to get you through the day. If not, I always turn to something that makes me happy....

OZ!, but since that's so far away, music, music and music.

Regardless, whatever makes you skip, plunge into it. All we need is some tlc just like these giraffes down below. Don't be afraid to tell someone how you feel... maybe not the stranger walking down the street who asked you how you were , but there are many contacts in that phone! Call someone and let them know you need them! We are all in this together.

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