Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You will be missed (exponentially!)

Take risks.

Cheer up.

Q:What do you do when you are having an awful day?

John Mayer Answer:First of all, sorry you’re having an awful day. (People don’t ask these kinds of questions when they’re sipping drinks by a pool.)

What do I do when I’m having an awful day? I time travel. Well, sort of. Here’s how I cheat the math:

Question: Is this problem going to change your life forever or will there come a day this problem will no longer exist?

If you decide the problem won’t exist after a certain period of time, then you can file it under “temporary.” Which brings me to step number two: if the problem is temporary, then you can sort of detach from the “now-ness” of the discomfort. I’m not saying ignore the lessons in the problem. Definitely learn from the problem, work to solve it, but spare yourself the existential grief, because it will get you nowhere. (This coming from an existential grief-master.)

Okay, better way to explain it: you wake up to find you have a giant zit on your nose. Everyone can see it. But within a week that zit will be gone and nobody will remember you had a zit. Maybe they’ll have one instead. So if the zit will be gone next week and people will forget, is the zit REALLY there now? I say you can answer “no” if you bend your brain around it the right way.

You can’t travel through time, but you can send your thoughts and hopes into the future to camp out and wait for you to arrive there, where you’ll meet up and hug and decide that everything is alright again.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Krista Tracy

Your life is changing, what's wrong with that.

Mapnote for Maptote.

Jungle City.

Today was a hot mess.
It's a jungle out there.
Thank God I don't live in the big apple just yet.
My one day off and I tried my best to keep it low key.
As life goes... nothing went my way.

To take the edge off, as I was already up on Newbury,
I made my way to Anthropologie.
That store has a hold on me.
It relaxed me and put my mind at ease.
Found this great belt, BUT gladly walked away.

Now I'm happy at home relaxing,
drinking a Redbridge, watching WImbledon,
and looking forward to taking the afternoon to myself.
Enjoy the day, :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Romantics.

Finding your tribe, like following your dreams,
isn't always about what makes sense;
it's about what your soul needs.
-Kelly Cutrone

Happy Day.

What a fantastic day.
It wouldn't have been the same without everyone involved.
So much love.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Six flags.

My dad just asked me, "Why can't you relax on your day off?"
Good question.
Off on an excursion with the greatest crew.
Abi and Ardie have never been on a rollercoaster!
Abi said she's brought extra clothes just in case you know, she gets too excited.
Sean and Matthew to meet us later for Pitbull.
Off to meet Rachel, James and his brother from Brooklyn, Bill and our fellow Bonnarooers, Alex & Nate.
Photos to follow!

Travel in comfort.

Loving this.

INspired for {love}.

Block Party!

Change will do you good.

The beautiful and talented.{K Rex}

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am slowly sipping my Zico this morning.

My 5:55 AM alarm went off today and I had to decide... yoga or no yoga?


I slept five more minutes until my alarm went off again. I can't tell you how many times I set my alarm for 6:15 yoga and I contemplate going as Passion Pit taunts me in my dreams. Most times, I shimmy out of bed and throw on my yoga shorts and go, but there are those few times when Mr.Sandman wins.

When 6AM yoga wins, there has always been lovely occurrences to follow. Running into my yoga instructor from New Zealand, kicking butt, or having a wonderful conversation with instructors/students. I find it's always more worth it to go.

So I moseyed out of bed this morning, grabbed my mat and walked to Bikram Back Bay. I love being the first one out the door in a city. I remember walking to Sydney's Bikram studio when the sun was coming up and I felt so lucky to be the only one able to see the gorgeous pink sky.

I had a couple minutes to spare and got comfortable in the increasingly hot, humid studio space. To my surprise this was not going to be the yoga class that I would kick butt in or see my long lost yogis. This class was going to kick my ass... and it did.

I don't know why I feel ashamed when I have to sit out in Bikram's class, but I do. Today I really appreciated the shame because I came to know it very well. I thought of all the other yoga classes I take and they welcome you to sit in child's pose, but in Bikram... there is no child's pose. You have to stay in the room and "suffer."

My thoughts could have turned to belittling myself, but I did the opposite. I felt thankful to be listening to my body, because it didn't feel right and needed to rest. When the pangs of dizziness and weakness came over my body, I made my way to the ground. Breathing and taking note of what was going on in my body.

I felt exhausted and beat, but I also conquered imperfection. I allowed myself to breathe in the discomfort and find relief in doing so.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Gaga fixins.


A lot of things are falling into place. I am about to start a bunch of new endeavors. Looking forward to it. :)

Starting a blog for Twilight Boutique and it made me think of this magical little book. Much more to come so stay tuned...

{Harold & The Purple Crayon}

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


the world at our feet.

Summer etiquette.

Stole a few recipes of delight for the summer....
  • patience is a virture
  • old friends aren't always the best of friends
  • riding your bike is awesome
  • family is a bond that can't be broken
  • remaining calm is always better then flipping out
  • some things NEVER change
  • some things will NEVER be the same
  • hypocrites are the worst people in the world
  • having a backbone is more important than having legs
  • being friends with your coworkers makes life 10 times more enjoyable
  • please and thank you will get you very far in life
  • a positive attitude is better for your immune system
  • forgive but don't forget
  • if you cant change something, try your best to accept it
  • awkward situations allow for a great story to be told
  • laughter is priceless
  • imaginations never get old
  • actually listen to the things children have to say
  • dont be shy
  • weekend trips to nh and cc are so worth the price of gas it takes to get there
  • its just gas, dont let it ruin your summer
  • you cant please everyone
  • working at a summer camp teaches you how to and how not to raise your kids
  • you are who you are, and people who know you love you for it
  • reading books is better then watching tv (but i already knew that)
  • mom and dad do miss you when you arent around
  • watermelon is the new viagra
  • watching people do something they enjoy is enjoyable
  • cell phones dont like hot tubs
  • coffee is necessary to life
  • boyfriends are not
  • sitting around a campfire with people you love makes you feel whole
  • there is no excuse for being bored
  • boston friends are hard to stop missing
  • rolling down hills is still fun
  • parents and their friends can be really fun to hang out with
  • memories last a lifetime &
  • good oldies make your heart bound fast
{the lovely rcd}




Keep on.

Rachel told me today that,"Humanity is a beautiful thing." I couldn't agree more. I was having a moment (crying!) on the phone with her as two women walked in the store. I was quick to hang up and greet them, but they told me that I didn't need to get off the phone for them. They said that, "Whatever it is, we've all been there."

As I was finding images of inspiration this popped out at me.

No, I can't relate to dear Sandra, but we all share the same fumbles of heart ache throughout life. We all have our own bag of complications that fill our relationships up. Luckily we have beautiful people surrounding us, friends and even strangers who remind us there is always hope.

I think this T-shirt is a simple, yet gorgeous act of humanity. If we all could wear support for one another, the world would be a better place.


{Paul Barbera}


with me until the end.

The stakes are high.

Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason