Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Forever a student.

After all this time you think that I would know how to be a good student.

In class I let go, I have fun, but yet when I have to stand up behind a podium I lose myself behind it. I don't know why the transition of student to teacher leaves me in a tizzy. Perhaps, if I better prepared or allotted myself enough time to do so?

After class I took note of my unconscious stream of thoughts. First of all, that was the first time that I had ever felt that comfortable presenting and that was something worth noting. As the second stream of thoughts began, I realized how busy I am. I work full-time, I am in class 2x a week, I have a full on yoga practice and I have a pretty vibrant social life.

How can I possibly dedicate myself to my work?

Let's sprinkle a little bit of ADD on top and we have a full on burnt out young adult on our hands. I have spread myself so thinly throughout the past two years that I have had little time to truly give myself to each and every outlet within my life.

I think it's time for me to slow down and enjoy what I have created so far. This trial and error faze of more more more has taught me I must slow down and remember less is more. I need to take on what I can handle and put my heart into it. Even if it is just my work or just my yoga practice. Maybe I have to let somethings go in order to fully appreciate the happenings in and around my life. As far as the Tina the student goes... I need to create more time for me and my studies. Sacrifice and discipline are two core values that I need to begin to integrate into my life.

To those masterful students.... suggestions????? :)

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