Monday, April 12, 2010

Love found in my wake

The internet has become my addiction.

Well maybe not so much the internet, but the eye candy that I find myself immersed in once I get on the internet. I become tangled in a web of blogs. I have found blogs that I love and through them I find even better ones. Ironic thing is... most of these blogs revolve around love.

I find myself blubbering through videos and photos on a daily basis, yet it makes me feel like peaches. Let me tell you... peaches feel pretty good. (Considering peaches are dairy and gluten free too! :) )

Anywhoooo, Jonas Peterson is this incredible photographer in Brisbane, Australia. He was working for an ad agency for many years and realized he wasn't able to explore his creativity in the way in which he wanted to...through story telling.

Peterson kept hearing the little voice inside his head, "Pursue wedding photography." He found that this voice wouldn't pipe down and he needed to take the risk. He quit the job he thought he should have and decided to pursue the job he wanted to have.

Peterson is now telling stories, the way he always wanted to. His blog proves that he has a beautiful gift of capturing the stories of lovers in their finest moment.

I found this gorgeous video on Peterson's blog, that actually isn't his, but a friend of Peterson's. Rob, who has an aspiring story like Peterson, decided to pursue his dream of creating wedding documentaries. Rob is the man behind Cherish films and this brilliant video your about to watch.


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