Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enchantment in the Green Mountain State.

A place so magical, so breath taking and it is no longer in my possession.

A magical oasis in New England that I will be traveling to for Memorial Day weekend. Gammy, my great grandmother, was the gem who owned our summer house and passed it down to her son, Grandy, and allowed Jen and I to have some infinite summers with my mum, friends and lovers. I heard Grammy was quite the handful, but memories of finding her favorite things throughout our summer escapes, make me think differently.

The house she built for her husband, when he was too fragile to walk stairs , had butterflies scattered throughout. From band aids to bathing caps, comforters to place mats, you name it this woman had to have her butterfly fix. Which may explain my undying love for these beautiful creatures.

One of the last summers spent on Caspian with my mum was one of the best. We found cocoons on the milkweed in the fields in front of our house, that led to the lake and we took liter coke bottles and placed the leaves with cocoons inside.

Jen and I carefully watched the cocoons twitter, shake and slowly peal open once we were back on Wood Duck Lane. We watched the cocoon turn from a clear spring roll to a rainbow roll full of color. In no time we watched their colorful transformation, as they danced their way out and into the world.

Our mom used to sing us to sleep with her harp, a wing of a butterfly, on those summer nights in Vermont. Many were from the Sound of Music and we would sing about a few of our favorite things, turning 16, and Maria. As the weather gets warm in Boston it brings me back to her angelic voice, bouncing off the wooden panes of our cabin walls, and hearing the loons coo along from the lake.

Times have changed quite a bit since then, but the beauty still lies in the mountains, fields, and butterflies of Vermont. I'm sharing a piece of myself with someone special this weekend. Hoping to see a butterfly or two. Another form of metamorphosis is about to happen before me... teaching Ardie how to ride a bike. Fingers crossed! I'm excited to show him Vermont through my hazel eyes.

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