Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer etiquette.

Stole a few recipes of delight for the summer....
  • patience is a virture
  • old friends aren't always the best of friends
  • riding your bike is awesome
  • family is a bond that can't be broken
  • remaining calm is always better then flipping out
  • some things NEVER change
  • some things will NEVER be the same
  • hypocrites are the worst people in the world
  • having a backbone is more important than having legs
  • being friends with your coworkers makes life 10 times more enjoyable
  • please and thank you will get you very far in life
  • a positive attitude is better for your immune system
  • forgive but don't forget
  • if you cant change something, try your best to accept it
  • awkward situations allow for a great story to be told
  • laughter is priceless
  • imaginations never get old
  • actually listen to the things children have to say
  • dont be shy
  • weekend trips to nh and cc are so worth the price of gas it takes to get there
  • its just gas, dont let it ruin your summer
  • you cant please everyone
  • working at a summer camp teaches you how to and how not to raise your kids
  • you are who you are, and people who know you love you for it
  • reading books is better then watching tv (but i already knew that)
  • mom and dad do miss you when you arent around
  • watermelon is the new viagra
  • watching people do something they enjoy is enjoyable
  • cell phones dont like hot tubs
  • coffee is necessary to life
  • boyfriends are not
  • sitting around a campfire with people you love makes you feel whole
  • there is no excuse for being bored
  • boston friends are hard to stop missing
  • rolling down hills is still fun
  • parents and their friends can be really fun to hang out with
  • memories last a lifetime &
  • good oldies make your heart bound fast
{the lovely rcd}

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rcd826 said...

ha! i used to love writing lists when i was 18 years old. i'm glad you found this. =P