Saturday, January 2, 2010

a collision of color and truth

This picture reminded me of Dorothy and her ruby red slippers.

These shoes were Dorothy's most vibrant and important assets as she explored the vibrant Land of Oz. She walked long and far to find her way home and yet she had exactly what she needed all along.

With a new year upon us, I can't help but be grateful for everything that I have. As humans we have a tendency to keep wanting more and more yet, what we already have is all that we need.

I hate to admit it, but at times my heart can weigh heavy and this becomes a mantra in my day. If there is no clarity, it can sometimes carry me through to the next, but I remind myself that every day is new as the last and you must be gentle with yourself. It can be exhausting, searching for that exact dose of remedy to better ourselves, whether it be by traveling to the ends of the earth (guilty!) or overindulging ourselves in things that we think will attain to our better self. The heart of the matter is the search is only going to bring you right back to the start. YOU.

Yesterday morning I woke up completely satisfied with the New Year. The blue moon on New Year's Eve brought me new life, energy, and movement within my body as I danced the night away with the people I loved. When I woke up there was a fresh layer of white powdery snow over the city of Boston. I glanced at Jasmine, sleeping on the couch, and looked at my vision board that needed to be revamped for the New Year. I saw the mug that Jen bought me for Christmas it reads, "I enter this day with a peaceful heart." It couldn't have felt more true.

I am constantly reminding myself that I am the ruby red slippers that Dorothy had all along. I may travel to the edge of the earth or be in my flat in Boston, but no matter where I am, I am home. I am the positive constant in my life. May we constantly be reminded that we are the sparkly, vibrant assets to the core of our own lives.

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