Saturday, January 29, 2011


Woke up this morning, too early for my own good, for yoga.
I set my alarm extra early so I would have time to shovel out my car
and have a nice rest on my mat before class began.
Not realizing the task at hand, I strolled up to my car,
looked it over and turned back to my flat.

I've never seen anything like it.
It was literally covered on all sides and I didn't have anything
other than a cd case to get myself out.
Bummed that there would be no yoga, I decided that there would be another time just like this where I would need to get my car out so I should save myself the trouble.

A man came walking down the street as I was poorly attempting to put all the snow
around my car onto the road.
He looked at me, looked at the car and asked,
"Do you need help?"
Wanting to feel confident that I could do this, although it would take some time to do, I looked at him and gave him what I thought was a look of no worries, I got this.
He came up and took my shovel.

I watched him as he effortlessly carved out Elka.
I offered to drive him to work and all he asked for was my name.
We introduced each other and then he smiled, threw up the peace sign and walked away.

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