Sunday, July 11, 2010

new day.

With a gorgeous sunset on my left and the city of blinding lights below me,
I feel pretty great.
Flying above the big apple?
Clouds that are straight out of new zealand?
I think that i have disclosed all the reasons to why i have a big grin on my face.

I just spent the last couple days with my big sister and my only sister.
I was surprised, delighted and tickled pink by locals, family, and friends.

Receiving friends as gifts ( Sean, Abi & Kimmy ) couldn't have been more fitting considering my pangs for family, right before my birthday.
Inevitably leading to my spur of the moment ticket to Philadelphia.
The city of brotherly love, had many gifts to offer.
Good eats, random happenstance and delicious cocktails with strangers.

I hate leaving and if you know me I never use the word hate.
Leaving my sister makes my heart break.
How I left her for Australia I'll never know.
All I do know is that my horoscope (from Sydney) told me that it's time to make a list.
Write all that you want, need and say it everyday.
I don't think I'll do that, but I am in the works of making a vision board.
Philadelphia & Manhattan are top contenders for my next move, but
there's a lot of ground to cover in Boston before I up and leave.
Too many people I love and too many places that I have yet to discover.

I'm coming back with a vengeance.
I don't want to leave the city until every stone is unturned.

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